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Hi my name is Alina and I paint acrylic on canvas. It is one of my favourite hobbies and I find it very therapeutic and relaxing. I love being able to express my emotions through art. I'm also inspired by nature and people. I hope you like my paintings, please come and have a look in this beautiful and warm shop, Castle Crafts.



Hi my name is Lois, aka HaLo's. The majority of my crafts consist of hair accessories for women and children. Now that I have finished my full time job I am able to spend time doing what I love most - creative sewing! I have loved sewing since a child when I used to make my own dolls clothes; I find sewing relaxing and cathartic so am delighted to be able to stock at Castle Crafts. I am obsessed with buying different fabric so keep an eye out for ever changing patterns in the shop.



I moved to Thornbury from Inverness where I set up my business, Tweedie Bags in 2010. I use canvas & checked Harris Tweed®️, (a soft, woollen, durable cloth, handwoven in the Outer Hebrides). The brightly coloured & traditional tweeds are used to create a beautiful range of bags & purses. There is a range of items for men including glasses cases, whisky flasks and silver and bronze effect cufflinks. Pampered pooches are well catered for too, with an extensive range of collars and leads. 

Katie (tweedie bags).jpg


Donna is a contemporary artist and ceramicist who likes to experiment with colour and texture. Her preferred medium is acrylic paint and acrylic inks, but she also uses watercolour, pastels and wax on a base of canvas, paper, board and silk. Her ceramics follow the same interest in colour and texture. Colour expresses and stretches the imagination. Texture defines shape and contour and adds another dimension. Her artwork is also reproduced on to mugs, coasters, canvases, cushions and greetings cards.



Hello, I’m Diane of Shaw Things and a great fan of decoupage. Using papers to decorate wood is great fun, if a little messy! I started backwards with large items, upcycling furniture for my home and then moved down to smaller home accessories, such as photo frames and mirrors. I now love to give gifts to friends and family in boxes specially created for them and also use pretty decorated crates to create hampers of presents. The possibilities are endless!



Born and raised in a little town called South Shields on the North East coast, I moved here with my family in 2005 and in 2014 was lucky enough to meet some lovely crafty ladies who showed me the route to making jewellery. I have attended many craft fairs both as a shopper and seller and have enjoyed meeting new people and trying new things. I make jewellery for my friends and relatives together with Christmas decorations and I've even had a couple of commissions, which was wonderful. Come and have a look round our little Aladdin’s cave, you won’t be disappointed.



I’m a yarn addict who has loved knitting ever since my granny taught me as a child. These days I'm the co-founder of marketing agency Good Beans, but I knit whenever I find the time, and I've recently started weaving too. I moved to Thornbury at the end of 2020 and wanted to get involved with Castle Crafts to meet people and get involved in the community. I worked closely with the Castle Crafts team on the shop launch, which has been really fun! Pop in to see my colourful tea cosies and baby booties. 



The Creator behind Glazed Over Glass Designs, Cathy Adams, lives and works in Bristol. Cathy has always had an interest in art and crafts and enjoyed making things from an early age. She has been designing and working with glass since 2010. When she was introduced to fusing glass at a community workshop session, she immediately fell in love with the process. She uses transparent and opaque sheets of glass, crushed and powdered glass, paints, and metals in her work. Her creations are fused in her kiln at temperatures up to 850 degrees Celsius. Her work is influenced by her love of the countryside and sea shore. Cathy has studied many aspects of working with glass including stained glass, engraving, mosaic work, copper foiling and sand-blasting, but fusing remains Cathy’s passion. 

Glazed over glass.png


Hi my name is Anne and I make socks and other items on my vintage sock knitting machine which dates back to the 1920’s. My trading name is Cymbal Knits as that is the name of my sock making machine. I have been making socks since 2010 and I am thrilled to be part of Castle Crafts.

Cymbal knits.png


Hi there. My name is Lianne. I am a Creator. I love the experience of inspiring others to create and creating myself. My favourite type of creativity is painting using acrylics and incorporating nature, family, locations and emotions into my work. Art is a form of therapy for me and my aim is for my artwork to make adults and children feel uplifted when they see it. My artwork can be found on greeting cards, prints and original canvases in the shop.  Pop in and see them!



Hello, I am Jane of ‘Mother & Daughter’. Having retired from a career teaching Textiles and Home Economics I started my own craft enterprise making memory/pinboards in an extensive range of designs and colour combinations. Every one is individual and unique and can be colour co-ordinated to match your existing décor. They can be traditional or contemporary. The boards have a diverse range of uses e.g. kitchens, studies, bedrooms and they are an attractive way of displaying photographs, memos, shopping lists etc. I also make eco-friendly personalised and commemorative bunting that is washable and adjustable with names and messages of your choice. I take commissions and I created the Castle Crafts bunting that hangs on the desk! 

Mother and daughter (Jane).png


Hi I’m Stuart, Bristol born and bred and just three years into discovering the many skills of a woodturner, on a journey that is a constant learning experience. The majority of wood I use is locally sourced (West County) with a very few more exotic exceptions. On this journey I have been constantly astounded at the hidden beauty of wood and grain revealed within a seemingly ordinary log but I am also drawn to embellishing that beauty with paints, stains, resins and textures to make more artistic pieces. Although there will always be a place for the simple round and brown!



Hi I'm Laura, owner of All Sew Pretty. I live here in Thornbury with my family and I make fabric gifts, children's dresses and felt wall hangings and garlands. I specialise in making fabric gifts that are both attractive and useful. I love using beautiful, colourful felt to create pretty wall garlands and hangings as well as nursery ceiling mobiles. My aim in everything I make is that it is useful, practical and most importantly, All Sew Pretty!



Hiya I am Niki from Burnt Out Candles. We hand pour all of our candles, wax melts and other luxury home fragrance products in our little workshop in Bristol. I've been making wax products since 2016. It all started when I was made redundant from my full-time job and needed something to keep me busy whilst my little boy was at school. I really enjoy using candles so I thought why not have a go making them. Zooming forward to 2021, I have tested and tried so many different product ideas and I'm now very happy with my beautiful home fragrance product range and to be able to share them with all of my amazing customers. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I love making them.



Hi, I’m Jenny the felt maker behind FlashBangSparkle. I’m passionate about the crafts of fairytale and ancient wisdom. I discovered the wet-felting method of seamless fabric making - which interlocks individual fibres through agitation and shrinking, rather than them needing to be spun and woven, then cut and sewn - as a millinery trainee. Now I make garments, containers, mini mats and hats. My work falls into three main styles, which I call Artisan, Fairytale Fashion and Wearable Art. Sometimes I find a story arrives alongside a piece as it’s being made. I write these up and record them as Felt Tales. I’m delighted to be one of the crafters at Castle Crafts; being able to offer goods and buy goods locally and in person, where you can share a conversation, is important to me.



Hi, I'm Trish of E. Inder Designs. It's lovely to join a community of crafters in Thornbury and share the enthusiasm for craft. We produce a range of geometric kitchen and tableware. Wood veneers dyed in Italy are laser cut into shapes which are then laid into various patterns. It's a joy to do. The finished work is then scanned and the image printed onto Sustainably sourced eucalyptus board and coated in melamine, which is an organic product that gives it heat resistance. Baize is then put on the back to protect your products. These are then made into place mats, coasters, chopping boards and more, all with a retro mid-century look. We are very proud to donate a portion of our sales to the Woodland Trust UK.



The Boho Set is a local company creating handmade macrame and rustic plant hangers and wall hangings. We are excited to join the team at Castle Crafts and contribute to this creative initiative. You can also hire our items for weddings and events. Pop in to discuss your needs.



Hi, I’m Yasmin and I live in Berkeley. I am a water colour artist using nature and wildlife as inspiration for my paintings. I also love animals, so this is reflected in my work too. You can find my artwork on lots of different products such as cards, mugs, tea towels, cushions, chopping boards and more. I also sell seed cards; they can be planted to grow beautiful wildflowers.



I’m Wendy a.k.a Rainbow Glass Creations. A lifelong Bristolian and a self-confessed magpie. I’ve always been drawn to anything colour changing, iridescent and sparkly. Making jewellery let’s me indulge my inner magpie. I make a variety of jewellery in different mediums including Kiln Fired Dichroic Glass, Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystals. My passion is Dichroic Glass as a lot of it changes colour due to the multiple layers of different metal oxides. It’s so versatile as you get totally different results depending on which colour glass you fuse it with and the temperature of the kiln. The options are endless and as a result a lot of my pieces are unique.

Wendy (rainbow glass creations) .png


Hiya I’m Elise, owner of Oodle Doodle Art and Woodland Makery. I run creative workshops teaching crafts like whittling, wicker, clay, textiles as well as fun and games, in a woodland in Old Down. When I’m not there I’m busy being a textile artist, specialising in fibre to use in my needle felting, weaving and rope craft. I wrote the book FELT in the first lockdown and all the money goes to SANDS charity. At the moment, I’m busy making crafts in a bag and postal box kits to sell in the shop as well as fibre for your own projects.

Elise (oodle doodle).jpg


I’m a Bristol based Beekeeper who is passionate about helping the Bristol Honey Bee and handmaking beeswax products. My hand creams and lip balms are made with home grown, organic herbs and my own beeswax, I make 100% beeswax candles which smell of honey when you burn them. I also make eco friendly beeswax food wraps and eco friendly fire lighters. All products have minimal packaging which can either be re used or recycled.

Hives and herbals.png


Hi, I’m Heather, a local illustrator and team member of Castle Crafts. I graduated from my degree in Illustration and now create digital drawings that I turn into prints and cards. I also designed the Castle Crafts website so I hope you like it! Come and check out my work alongside all these amazing crafters, there’s something for everyone!



I am Dale Campbell, the founder of Posy. I make natural deodorants which are packaged in lovely eco-friendly recycled paper tubes. I also make shampoo and conditioner bars to do away with using single use plastic bottles. My products are based on the principles of do no harm and are made from natural and organic ingredients which are good for you and are not harmful to the environment. The essential oils have great properties as well as amazing fragrances. Fleur & Kevin Tweehuysen live in Thornbury and are both passionate about being kind to the environment by using eco-friendly, natural products and no single use plastics. Fleur creates the crocheted re-useable face scrubs for the Posy range using organic cotton and attends various craft markets in the South West Region to champion the Posy range. Kevin makes the soap stands for the Posy gift range and display stands from recycled wood.



Clare is a ceramist/potter using traditional methods to create individual functional and decorative pieces. She loves the diversity of clay, its heritage and unique relationship to humanity. Coloured slips, varied glazes and textures work in unity to create her handmade pieces. They are stunning in person, come and check them out!

clayway place holder_edited.jpg

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